Summer Sales Up and Downs

ebay may 24.16 031

Meaning to update my summer results for a couple months now, Summer has just been too busy, several “for sale” projects are in the works but I dont expect them listed until probably late Sept/Oct, when I do another big push of figures..

Just some final updates on stuff I previously talked about :

Starting with the above piece, sold to nice gentleman in Brazil for a cool $100.00
I also got a note it arrived safe and sound.

Heritage Dungeon Dwellers totally gone, Final Net was 187.50 below my $200 expectation but still just over $5 a figure in the end.

Warhammer Empire: I can say its totally gone, but I havent gotten to sprues and probably 2 dozen loose or primed amd based figures some of them decent metal OOP figs, not Idea what I’ll get for them but right I over $2200.00 in sales on my Empire this year.

My Warmachine was as depressing as I thought it was going to be, netting only $105.00!!!!
For the entire lot of over 50 figures , cards, tokens and all. I know I could have held for individual auctions and got more for the painted stuff, but its was so depressing that I just put up as a lot and was done with it. I was sure I’d get over $200 with dozen bidders and double the watched but its all guys out pennying each other. Once again do not invest in the game, if you ever plan to move it.

Currently I have some Lord of The Rings box sets most still in shrink wrap up for sale , I moved the Cave Drake which I picked up as prize in a tournament like 4 years ago for a easy $60.00. It sold in about 30 mins posted as a “buy it now” , other boxes have some interest, I am sure they will go eventually, I have and easy 30+ unopened blisters for LotR some new old stock going all the back to 2001. They’ll be listed next, and I havent thought about selling my painted LotR yet or my vintage citadel ME 85′ LotR figs…I think in the end Lord of the Rings sales will easily beat my Warhammer Sales..

Overall I am finding Vintage Lead does decent except for Citadel which is most collectible and is exceptional. Hirst models are doing well too, not in a time vs effort scale, as I would never build on a commission either of the Hirst models I sold for those prices but to get rid of them after the fact when I am out of room and they are collecting dust. I’m happy

The reality alot of people dont trade miniature on ebay, gamers are infamous frugal so they use numerous other services to avoid putting things up on ebay. Ebay is for items that appeal to collectors, are hard to get, Out of Print or are completed and well done is really the only way to go anything else ends up like my Warmachine lot, but that’s ok.

My vaults are deep, and i’ll be looking at moving probably 70% of my LotR collection this year, ┬áthat Conan game I keep talking about looks amazing and the Kickstarter says they are finally shipping in October, it should make a good Christmas gift for someone.; I also am going to move all my 15mm Sci Fi models which generally go very cheap so we looking at a big lot for a loss minus some painted figs I am going break out.

Finally with some fantasy figures I am putting up for sale, I’ll probably move some generic fantasy and sci figs all the way, and few other odds and ends.

Once the next big listing hits ebay, sometime after labor day I’ll add results and new items.





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